Congregation Ahavat Shalom and Congregation Beth El are holding joint monthly services for the whole Traverse City Jewish Community, alternating locations between Temple Beth El and the Unitarian Universalist Congregation building. 

The UU building is located at:

    6726 Center Road

    Traverse City, Michigan

    (Approximately 1.5 miles from the base of the Old Mission Peninsula, on the east side of the road. Center Road is also called M-37.)

Congregation Beth El is located at:

    311 Beth El Way

    Traverse City, Michigan


The Google calendar below includes details for each event, including where the event will take place. Please click on each event to see these details.

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Unitarian Universalist Building, 6726 Center Rd


Temple Beth El, 311 Beth El Way

Is it difficult for you to attend services?

We would like to:
  • Arrange a ride to services if you can't drive.
  • Tell you about parking, stairs, railings, and bathroom access.
  • Arrange a comfortable place for you to sit if standard chairs don't work.
  • Help with opening doors, carrying parcels, shedding coats---
  • Every service you attend, or short term.
  • Do something we haven't thought of that would make a difference to you.

Please contact Susan Curtis (or any CAS Board Member). curtis.susan@gmail.com